• Courtenay Youth Music Centre 1979/80
  • Graduated MapleRidge Senior Secondary 1981
  • University of Victoria School of Music 1981/82
  • Banff School of Fine Arts 1982
  • McGill University Faculty of Music 1983-85
  • Capilano College Music Therapy Program 1985-88
  • University of Victoria 1994-96
  • British Columbia OLA University Music Therapy program 1993-96

Music Therapy work history

  • volunteered at Operation Trackshoes 1982 (Victoria)
  • volunteered at Alexander Institute 1982/83 (Montreal)
  • Music Facilitator at Mountview Psychiatric Boarding Home 1985/86 (Vancouver)
  • Practicum at North Shore Association for the Physically Handicapped 1985
  • Practicum at Riverview Psychiatric Hospital 1986
  • Music Therapist for various Care Homes, Hospitals and Psychiatric Homes administered by North shore Volunteers 1986/87
  • Practicum at Berwick Preschool UBC 1986
  • Practicum at Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1987
  • Caregiver/ Music Therapist North Shore Association for the Physically Handicapped 1987
  • Music Therapist at Mount Pleasant, Mountview, and Marine Drive Psychiatric Boarding Homes,Beacon Hill Lodge, North Shore YMCA MT sessions for people with special needs, Le Chaim adult daycare in Vancouver, BC, 1987/88
  • Individual and group Music Therapy with mentally and physically challenged at the Garth Homer Institute 1990
  • Workshops and MT lectures at various hospices and Care facilities in Victoria, BC, 1989-92
  • RestHaven Lodge and Sandringham Hospital ( mostly Extended Care) Victoria, BC, 1991-97
  • Namaste Day Program for Mentally Handicapped people, Friday Music Session, Victoria,BC, 1993-97
  • private MT clients Vancouver and Victoria, BC, 1990-97
  • MT workshops, Germany and Czech Republic, 2002s-present